How is OUAK different?​

We are professional Kitchen designers with many years of experience that can help you design your kitchen virtually. We work directly with our clients to help understand how you work and use your kitchen and design with those parameters in mind. We can help you specify materials and direct you to local vendors to simplify the process and help you avoid costly errors and mistakes.


What are OUAK’s main services?

Professional kitchen designs and product specification


What all do I get with my design?

Floor plan of cabinet layout, line drawing elevations and renderings to help visualize your new kitchen. Cabinet list to take to your preferred cabinet manufacture.


How long does it take?

Approximately 3 business days for drawings once all measurements are confirmed.


How will the designers know what I want?

Once you have signed on we will set up a virtual consultation to review your wish list and project space.


What if I have to pause my project?

Once purchased we keep all files open. You can restart at any time.


Can I get revisions to my design?

Yes we offer sets of revisions with your original purchase. Any revisions after that will be available with an additional design fee.

What are the latest styles and colors for kitchens? 

Colours and trends are always changing and we are constantly updating our knowledge in these areas by attending the kitchen and bathroom trade shows, attending seminars and workshops. We pride ourselves on being leading edge on all styles, colours, and trends.


What do I receive for my $499?

Access to an experience designer who will provide you with:

  • Floor plan line drawing (2D)*

  • Elevation line drawing (2D)*

  • Rendering line drawing (3D)*

  • Style board (door style, door colour, backsplash, countertop, handles)

  • Product specification list


* All drawings are black & white

How much will my kitchen cost?

That will depend on your budget and chosen manufacture of cabinets and countertops. We are happy to help manage and design to work within your budget. Below is a chart of a rough cabinet only budget.

Do you have preferred vendors or contractors to work with?

At this time we don’t have preferred vendors or contractors however it is something we are working on.  However, our designs work with all kitchen supply providers that offer standard sizes.


How do I get my money back guarantee?

If you are not happy with our services or feel you did not get a usable design for your space just let us know what your concerns are and we will refund your purchase.  Email us at info@onceuponakitchen.com

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